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A Resilience-building Intervention

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Customized Interventions

A detailed multi-day series of meetings that tailors R2 to a specific organization, business or educational setting.

Standard Interventions

Off-the-shelf materials that provide training in how to master resilience and cope with everyday stressors.

Keynotes, Workshops & Webinars

Expert keynotes, workshops and webinars offered by Dr. Ungar and members of the R2 team.

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Become an R2 Expert

A multi-day workshop at the Resilience Research Centre to train individuals to become R2 trainers.

R2: A Resilience-building Intervention

R2 is a program built on promising practices that have been shown to enhance wellbeing among individuals experiencing stress and adversity. It integrates the principles of a social ecological approach to resilience developed by Dr. Michael Ungar and his colleagues from all around the world who are part of the Resilience Research Centre.

– Michael Ungar, PhD, Founder and Director of the Resilience Research Centre, Dalhousie University

The R2 approach can be contextualized to fit the specific needs of your organization or business. To tailor the intervention, an R2 expert meets with members of your senior management team and those responsible for the health and wellbeing of staff to ensure the program is adapted to the specific challenges and opportunities people experience daily.

Every implentation of the R2 approach will:

The R2 approach is available as an ‘off-the-shelf’ resilience-building program that any individual, organization, business or educational institution can access for a reasonable charge. Settings can also license a version of the R2 program for use by all their employees and those they serve, offering a cost-effective approach to improving resilience organization-wide.

Each version of R2 shows people how to build important protective factors for resilience that prepare them for everyday stressors experienced at home, work, school or in their communities. Each program provides an engaging population-specific curriculum with plenty of activities based on content previously developed for different settings.

Join Dr. Ungar and members of his team for a masterclass in resilience where you will discover the R2 approach and how to build resilience in your organization, business, school or community. The events can be tailored to all kinds of meetings, from a 1-hour keynote or webinar to a multi-day onsite workshop.

Dr. Ungar and his team will be periodically hosting multi-day workshops that provide participants with the opportunity to become confident as R2 trainers. Trainees will learn the science behind resilience and the R2 approach along with the techniques required to build targeted interventions and scenarios that fit different organizational and business settings.

For more information, or to discuss your particular organization or business’ needs, please contact us and we’ll guide you in the right direction.

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